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Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN), based in New Delhi, India, works for the recognition, defence, promotion, and realization of the human rights to adequate housing and land, which involve gaining a safe and secure place for all individuals and communities, especially marginalized communities, to live in peace and dignity. Registered as an Indian charitable trust, HLRN is an independent organization (and not affiliated with any other organization of a similar name) and works on research, education, and advocacy related to housing and land rights. A particular focus of our work is on promoting and protecting the equal rights of women to adequate housing, land, property, and inheritance. We aim to achieve our goals through advocacy, research, human rights education, and outreach through network-building at local, national, and international levels.

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New Publications

Mansarovar Park Working Paper 2022
Forced Evictions in 2020: Report
Delhi Homelessness Survey Report August 2021
Newsletter 1 IWD 2021
Perumbakkam Livelihood Assessment Report
In Search of Home 2020


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